Proudly Serving La Crosse Wisconsin

                                                          Grandad Bluff - La Crosse, WI. Taken by Jim Bauer

If the town of La Crosse in Wisconsin makes you think of a certain sport, then you already know a little of the history of the city. It was named after that sport. French settlers in the area noticed the Native Americans in the area loved to play it (of course, La Crosse is the French name for it).

Starting from a thriving fur trading post on the Mississippi River, La Crosse has grown into a vibrant town characterized by a neighborly spirit and a strong commitment to community. It also happens to be a fun place to live and visit! There are literally fifteen festivals that go off all around in La Crosse, from the Bicycle Fest in September to the Beer, Wine, and Cheese Festival in April.

If you find yourself famished or in need of an exquisite piece of pottery, head to downtown La Crosse. The area features a diverse array of eateries. Grab a pint and some stew at the Dublin Square Irish Pub and Eatery. In the mood for cajun? Check out the Buzzard Billy's Flying Carp Cafe. Just be sure to try the Bacon Wrapped Andouille sausage.

Spend some time in La Crosse and it won't take you long to find that this town is a big supporter of the arts. The Weber Center for the Arts regularly features theatrical shows, both local productions and national touring shows. It's also a city proud of its history. See real artifacts firsthand at the La Crosse County Historical Society.

La Crosse is an outdoorsy kind of town-not surprising considering the kind of natural beauty found in and around town. What made La Crosse important to fur traders, that is, it's location on the Mississippi River, now makes La Crosse one of the most beautiful cities in which to live or visit. The next time you're in La Crosse, stop by and visit Pischke Motors!


                                                Steamboat Replica - La Crosse, WI. Taken by Michael Hicks.

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